Thrive with Mentoring international program “SHE THRIVES*
– 6 months program for women in crisis time –

Data reveals that more women than men have been affected by COVID-19. Some of the reasons include the types of jobs women tend to have which require more personal contact (i.e., teachers, health care providers, etc.) and the fact that women are more likely to be in lower-paid jobs and therefore may not be able to afford the proper protective gear. In addition, the increase in domestic violence has also been linked to the crisis as there is increased pressure on families during the quarantine.

Mentoring plays a pivotal role in times of crisis. That’s why Thrive with Mentoring is kicking off a Group Mentoring Program for COVID impacted women. We have themed discussions for specific segments (e.g. lost a job, managing imposter syndrome, suffering from emotional distress, etc.) where we get experts in that area to frame the conversation and facilitate an intimate group mentoring process that follows known methodologies to ensure growth and improvement in these areas.


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